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Zhejiang East Eagle Technology Co., Ltd locates in zhuji , China. It is around 200 kilometers far away from Shanghai Port.Our company owns 8500m2 factory land and have built our own work for sheet metal fabrication. As an experienced customization and mass production supplier of sheet metal products, we can provide the whole system of services from drawing design to manufacturing, assembly, packaging and shipping.

The factory is equipped with advanced CNC punch/bender/shearing machine, laser cutting machine, MIG/TIG welding machine, welding robot, spot welding machine, stud welding machine, riveting press, grinding and wire drawing machine, pickling machine, baler, etc. for sheet metal production, assembly and packaging process.

We also provide following surface coating/treatment:Zinc plate/cold galvanize (Cr3+ RoHS free or Cr 6+).、Hot galvanize、Zinc spraying coating、Aluminum spraying coating、Chrome coating、Anodize / anodic oxidation (max. available length of the aluminum profiles are 30m)、Alodine coating、Brown finish、Teflon coating、Rubber coating (NR, NBR and EPDM etc.)、Paint、Powder coating、Passivation、Case hardening、Soft nitridizing.

We could not only finish assembly as required but also our engineers could work with you to design and build a final assembly process that processes your product while minimizing cost and ensuring that each unit will perform to your specification.

While assembling and packaging, we can procure all the components if necessary. We have a professional and long-term cooperative supplier which can be used to purchase high quality accessories of various materials, such as precision machined parts, plastic parts, rubber parts, wooden parts, etc.

Now 95% of components are now exported to Europe, the United States, Israel and Australia. As an experienced and reliable supplier of custom metal products, we look forward to becoming your long-term partner. We are committed to providing a complete set of products and components at high quality, fast delivery and competitive prices.

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