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Main Products
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Plant flower Pot Stand

This is a plant flower pot stand, made for American customer, which goes through CNC shearing, bending, welding, and powder coating.

Stainless Steel Shower Base

This is shower base for Australia customer. It is made of 304 stainless steel which is processed by shearing, bending, welding and assembling.

Explosion-proof Window

This is an explosion-proof window for a middle eastern customer.

It is made of special high-strength steel, and the thickness of electric galvanized is up to 25um, which can prevent rocket attacks.

Powder Coated Explosion-proof Door

This is an explosion-proof door, made of special steel. The door panel has passed the 8kg pressure test for 48 hours, which can prevent the TNT explosion from 10 meters away. It has undergone laser cutting, bending, robot welding and assembly. Surface treatment is galvanized and dusting. The packing is PE film, plastic bag and carton.

Galvanized Explosion-proof Door Frames

This is the door frame made by DX51D+Z275, which, combined with the door plate, can prevent explosion of TNT equivalent from 10 meters away.

The surface treatment was galvanized and passed the salt spray test for 48 hours.

Aluminum Box For Landscape Lamps

This is the aluminum box for urban landscape lighting in Israel.

Process requirements are open-air location in coastal areas,waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and beautiful.

Parts For Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

This is solar power product parts for UK. Process requirements are laser cutting, bending and anodizing.

Stainless Steel Leak-proof Part

This is the HP industrial printer cartridge, made of 304 stainless steel, and passed the 72-hour kerosene leakage test.

Cook Hood Frame

This is the cook hood frame for American customer. It is made of made of 304 stainless steel which is processed by laser cutting, bending, welding.

Horizontal Showing Stand

This is the horizontal showing stand for France customer,which can be used for horizontal display of cloth rolls, plastic film rolls, etc.

Galvanized Sheet Part

This is an electronic billboard for Belgian customers, used in public places such as airports.

It is made of SECC (electric galvanized steel sheet). After laser cutting, it is made by CNC bending and pressure riveting (PM rivet). Finally, install the appliance.

Because electronic products require foam packaging to reduce vibration, its packaging is PE foam and cartons.

Apliced Level

This is an aluminum spliced level made for American market.

Agricultural Equipment Frame

This is the outer frame of agricultural equipment for New Zealand customer.

Truck Crane Jib

This is truck crane jib for America customer.

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