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Machinery Components & Assemblies

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Machinery Components & Assemblies
Environmental Protection Equipment

February 02,2021    581     admin

Quality Means everything

10 years serving for OTIS electric, 14 Years serving for USA customers, 6 Years serving for Israel Ministry of Defense. We provide services for first-class enterprises, including Siemens, HP and Coca Cola. A best team specialized in Customized Sheet Metal Products Manufacture and Assembly Was Tempered.

Added value and better after-sale feedback

There is a team of exprienced engineers to help with your design and product to get better manufacturing processes and optimized assembly/operation process, which brings you added value and better after-sale feedback.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Sub Assembly

We can supply full set products and accessories, to save your time to search for suppliers everywhere and control quality in a better way. As we are specialists for the stages, we can give the best insights for your assembly products to help you save more costs and bring the unit into market in no-time.

Original ideas

Our customers are always surprised by our aided design capabilities. Excited, surprised and happy are their common words. Some customers will still be impressed by the products we made for them even if they haven't cooperated with us for 15 years.