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Steel Security Door

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Steel Security Door
70/80 Steel Door דלת הדף רסיסים מוסדית - למרחב מוגן מוסדי

February 02,2021    1242     admin

  • מפרט טכני

  • מידע כללי: פלטת רסס 25 מ"מ מגוולונת ,ידיות מנוף המחוברות לבריח עליון ותחתון חיצוניים ,אטם היקפי תקני

  • פרזול ועזרים: משקוף מגוולון אופציה למשקוף נירוסטה,ניתן לעשות בצד הפנימי של המשקוף הכנה לדלת עץ,פלדה,אש

  • גימור: הדלת מסופקת ללא צביעה (מגולוון).

  • מידות: רוחב פתח אור: 700-1300 מ״מ, גובה פתח אור: 2,100 מ״מ.

Our OEM steel doors for export has obtained related authorized import & export certifications and gone through multiple tests every year , and most importantly we have 8 years manufacturing exprience. Our manufactured steel door has reliable quality and quick delivery term, attracting a lot of attention and leading the trend in the our industry as well. Also,You can use our professional team to adapt the right solution to you, many new generation solutions, and you can enjoy a most competitive and attractive price in the market.

Products Overview

Laser cuttingCNC Bending

Spot WeldingMIG Welding
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Assembling Welding
Powder Coating
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Thickness InspectionSealing 
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Door Frame StorageDoor Storage
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Quality&ISO9001:2015 Certificate


* Accept SGS and other third party’s in-site inspection if necessary.
* Provide inspection report for each CTQ and critical part before delivery.
* Confirm the DFM with customer before sample production.
* Provide 8D report and CAR to client in case quality issue happens.
* Have regular maintenance schedule for all measuring tools.
* Strict controls and checkups are conducted on a regular basis.

* In addition, our concerning is not only part itself but also material localization,

documentation of production and reasonable design of packaging for long distance transportation.