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Kitchen, household and garden application
Garden Cart Planter

February 02,2021    1543     admin

Garden Cart Planter

  1. 1.The New Sophisticated Must-Have Home Gardening Product

  2. 2.A blessing gift for people who cannot kneel down anymore or bow too long in their own gardon. 

  3. 3.Especially Designed for Cityscapes, Balconies, Apartments, Small Yards, Patio Homes and Courtyards.

  4. 4.No tools needed, assembles in minutes

  5. 5.Powder coated steel in copper penny hammered finish

  6. 6.Extra deep pans for growing root veggies

  7. 7.Great storage shelves and locking wheels

  8. 8.Cascading drainage with a catch pan at bottom

  9. 9.Huge Growing Capacity In A Small Footprint.

  10. 10.Deep Pans Allow For Multiple Rows of Root Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Edibles, or An Entire Strawberry Patch.

  11. 11.Works Of Art In Powder Coated Steel.

  12. 12.Customized Panel Designs, Colors & Trim To Match Any Outdoor Decor.

  13. 13.Indoor/ Outdoor Use. Easily Relocatable & Rolls Effortlessly.

  14. 14.Perfect For All Gardening Zones.

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