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We can calculate your sheet metal parts in just a few hours and send back quotation immediately. You could also send an entire sheet metal assembly files and our team will breaks the assembly down into individual parts and quote them in 24 hours. If you don`t have handy CAD drawings or 3D files currently, send us a sample, we will do the rest for you. If you don`t have a sample, instead you have an idea, talk to us, we will assistant you to design it and will make a prototype in a month.

After you have placed the order, the sheet metal parts will immediately go into production with us. With 30 years of experience in sheet metal processing, you have a strong team in the background that you can rely on.

After completing your custom prototype parts, we will send them to you immediately by express. After sample passed your inspection and testing,we could start to produce your sheet metal parts or manufacture your assemblies. 

Usually for a mass order, the leadtime will be 30-45 days. After we finished your order, the goods will be shipped to you via a sea shipping company in 15-35 days. For urgent order, we can also ship by air, which is more expensive but you could received it in your local airport in a week. 

Quality Design and Review

1.Confirm the prototype with customer before mass production;

2.Able to process draft or drawing of prototype, and review with 

Autocad, Solidworksfor fit, function and manufacturability from

concept to sheet metal production technology

3.Capable of designing and producing complete machines based 

on customer sales needs, starting from drafts and concepts

4.Reasonable design of packaging for long distance transportation

before production

5.3D fixture design, manufacturing and inspection capabilities

6.Ability to adjust appropriate materials, processes, and tolerances 

based on customer`s feedback on product application effects

7.Provide inspection report for each critical part before delivery

8.Provide 8D report and quick response plan to client in case quality 

issue happens


Shipping methods at package

We produce high-quality sheet metal parts and it is very important to us to

protect them as best as possible from damage during transport. Our

packaging team ensure that your laser and bent parts reach you without 

damage and as sustainably as possible.

We set a series strict standards for our shipping department so that the 

parts are packaged appropriately so that no damage occurs during transport, 

especially to individual sheet metal parts with particularly sensitive properties.

Our team determines the most appropriate packaging and shipping method 

based on size and weight. We fundamentally differentiate between parcel 

shipping, pallet shipping and collection from the factory. Hand over order to us, 

we will take care the safety packing method for you.


The Right Team and Procedures

1.The right team with experience inspecting and ensuring compliance with a variety of tolerances and design requirements

2.Record and inspect delivery notes, material testing sheets, and outsourcing business production schedules for our factory and various suppliers

3.Ability to select alternative suppliers based on the quality of outsourced business

4.Coperate with SGS and other third party's in -site inspection if necessary;

5.Have regular maintenance schedule for all measuring tools;

6.Strict controls and checkups are conducted on a regular basis



From concept to completion,one-stop turnkey shop


We do what others can`t and create innovative solutions to meet schedules, budgets and project goals


Exceeding your expectation is always a priority at Wisdometal`s  ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality program


Strict safety program and superior record with regular OSHA consultation visits


We hold high confidentiality clearances with some of the largest companies and work hard to ensure your proprietary information remains yours!

Large Capacity

Large manufacturing spaces, In-house equipment capacity, and project management experience for big projects.


Focused project teams ,on time, on budget. PERIOD


Continuous improvement to make sure you are always happy

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